Dell Inspiron mini 12

Wow, how thin this Dell netbook; only 0.9 inches. So similar to Apple MacBook Air. Lightly and tasty to carry. When held its not slippage because the back of the netbook is a bit rough. Cover is glossy white was not so diligent collecting fingerprint impressions :D.

Black accents in the back of the unit are prominent, near the hinge, located adjacent to Battery. Yes, Battery mini 12 is black, in contrast with the white casing. In the black color, present a tiny LED that will light up white when the netbook switched on or the battery charged.

There are many other things that are not normal here. First, the wide screen, 12.1 ", with high resolution, 1280x800 pixels. Consequently comfortable when surfing the virtual world. Two Web pages side by side can be opened and read with comfort. Letters also appear normal, not small. Views on the screen look very bright, and the horizontal perspective is good enough, comfortable enough views from the side. However, there are quite good ideas to push back the screen so that the reflection effect is not felt, too.

Second, the keyboard is relieved (92% normal keyboard). Distance between the buttons is wide, comfortable and so can we like to type on it. The buttons are soft enough. On the top, other than the F1 - F10, appearing in six key functions independently - F11, F12, Home, Del, Insert, End. Fn key is placed in its own down the left side.

The touch panel is Width also with a little stringy but responsive. But perhaps because the wide palmrest, touchpad occasionally jog with our wrists, so that the cursor sudden move.

From the completeness and features, mini 12 similar to the other netbook. Have the function Wi-Fi wireless 802.11 g, 1.3 megapixel Webcam, card reader 3-in-1, a headphone jack, microphone jack, three USB ports, one LAN port, VGA-out port, and security hole (Kensington lock) .. The net back and front of this netbook, aka does not show anything.

During on work, the back of the bottom of the screen unit with the adjacent Battery felt quite hot. But the touchpad and keyboard is not too affected, aka still comfortable. The bottom of the netbook was only slightly warm. The wide netbook surface plus combination of low power processors successfully affect the spread of this heat.

Mini 12 that we received came with a 80GB hard drive ATA with the two partition. The first (C:) the size of approximately 64.7 GB contains the operating system, while the D: for Recovery (9.76 GB).

O yes, to be more friendly when used, Dell include the Dock on its desktop. This panel exhibit catenarian big size icon similar with shortcut in the left side of the screen edge. However, this location can be moved with a drag and drop from the desktop or Start Menu.


Dell Inspiron Mini 12 difference with another netbook. More thin, but with the wide screen and keyboard convenient to use and take it carried. The Adapter similar to lightweight phone (178 grams), although two-legged. If SIMcard slot is working, we smoothly connect to the Internet anywhere and anytime. In short, this netbook really suitable for those who like practicality, beauty, and multi purpose.

Even better if Dell does not force the Vista (even though we can only do downgrade to XP). For the Z530 processor that uses less support Vista, and its RAM can not be upgraded. 3-cell battery is a need within 1 hour 52 minutes to fully presumably also need to be improved with the 6-cell.

Plus: wide screen and keyboard; physical thin; SIMcard slot; light; Recovery CD; adapter similar to phone.

Minus: mono Speaker; high price; SIMcard slot on the back of the Battery; minimal LED indicators; RAM can not be upgraded


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