iCore7 in Indonesia

Once launched on 17 September ago in the United States. Finally, the Intel Core i7 official entry to Indonesia. Intel said that the company's Core i7 is the most rapid in the earth, even in the universe. Hardware, it has to be ready all the computer equipment in Indonesia two weeks.

Core i7, by the developers, claiming to be able to work from 2.66 GHz to 3:20 GHz, faster 40 percent, or twice more terrible from the previous Intel platforms. Inevitably the speed of extraordinary speed computing is very suitable to play games, edit video, and other popular computing. The uniqueness of the technology found on the Turbo boost that burden accommodate users can work with both.

"With as much speed from 40 percent previously, can be said Intel Core i7 is the fastest on the planet earth," said Budi Wahyu Jati, Country Manager of Intel Philippines, on the sidelines of the launch, Jakarta, on Thursday (20/11/2008) .

Core processor i7 later able to open the door wide innovation in developing an elegant blend of performance and power efficiency without forgetting as a plus in this latest product. In addition, the unit also through on-die power to control and use of advanced power transistor gate-based manufacturing 45 nanometer (nm), and the material basis of the high-k metal gate, will automatically adjust the clock speed from one or more of the four individual processing cores for single and multi-application Threaded to improve performance, without increasing the use of energy.

"Even this device materials, high-K, never get a Nobel Prize because of the technology-friendly environment," continued again.

Intel Core i7 itself is, a new family of Intel Nehalem, the chip is a processor upgrade from the Intel Core 2, which has been used in laptop and desktop. In the age that has been turned into 40 years, Intel's new processor chip produces 9 times. It can be said that the Intel Core i7 really new, and start everything from scratch

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