HP Laptop with Multi-Touch Screen

IPhone users who shift-slide, finger-flick fingers now have a friend. Multi-touch control is not the monopoly of Apple again. Laptop users can now do so. Courtney, they use HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC.

Yes, it is the turn laptop with touch screen features a multi-touch HP's first aimed at consumers. HP TouchSmart tx2 Notebook PC with multi-touch technology. This means you can manipulate applications, video, music and photos using the stylus or your finger. Because the laptop is to recognize the input that comes from one or more fingers at the same time, users can rub, pinch, rotate the object by using the fingers.

TouchSmart tx2 also cute an inky digital pen that can be filled so that you can re-writing or drawing on screen. And like other tablets play, given the TouchSmart tx2 turn hinge that allows us to rotate the screen notebook can be used as a tablet. Of course, this notebook can still be used properly regular notebook. Middlebury family TouchSmart PC is indeed designed to control through the fingers, such as wipe or finger tap. The screen own sized 12.1 "BrightView technology with the support of the LED.

With the initial weights of less than 4.5 pounds, this notebook processor to be owned by AMD (Turion X2 Ultra dual-core Turion X2 processor or dual-core) and the Windows Vista operating system. Price sailed play this laptop starts from U.S. $ 1,149

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