Windows 7 for Netbook?

In the arena Netbook, the Microsoft operating system quite successful. However it is done through long product Windows XP and not Vista. Will Windows 7 match with Netbook?

Not all parties can take advantage of trends in computer equipment Netbook. Even Microsoft is' forced 'attendance at the arena cheap small computer with the old operating system Windows XP. Even XP is a product that should have been 'buried'.

In the Professional Developers Conference (PDC), which will be held on the last weekend in October 2008, predicted Microsoft will discuss the capabilities of Windows 7 to reach all platforms. Including, among Netbook.

Series of events in the PDC is always display the latest technologies of Microsoft. In addition to Windows 7, Microsoft is scheduled to speak concerning the Office 14 (Office of the generation of 2007) and also the operating system of Windows-based cloud-computing techniques.

However, as quoted from CNET, Saturday (25/10/2008), Microsoft suspected Netbook will not ignore it. Segment Netbook currently referred to as the most rapid growth, even far surpass the growth of the market overall.

While for Microsoft, Netbook is the first area for Microsoft, which shows the competition is very tight from the Linux operating system. Clearly, since the beginning almost all models that appear Netbook is based on Linux. Microsoft's new come later after deciding to 'revive' XP.

Will Microsoft announced Windows 7 embraces the ability Netbook? If yes, it will be a reasonable step for the software giant is the origin of Redmond.

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