NEC Versa; Home User Laptop

NEC re-introduce notebook Eseries and Sseries, the NEC Versa S6500, NEC Versa S3500 and NEC VersaE6500. It is intended for home users. 

"Notebooks from NEC is intended more for retail (the housing). Because the use of laptops in the housing is growing, but not likely to close the office," said Vernon Wong as the Region Sales Director Indonesia / Philippines during the launch of the latest notebook in the F-NEC Bar E Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta.

The third laptop that NEC has termed the screen and weight of the different features, but offered almost the same. NEC Versa S5600 Series has a 12.1 inch LCD screen with a weight of 1.9 kg. For this series of designs offered more stylishly. Meanwhile, for the NEC Versa S3500 has a 13.3 inch LCD screen and have the same weight with the S5600. 

To Eseries, NEC Versa E6500/E6510 have most large LCD around 14.1 inches. Prices offered ranged between To USD 1000 to USD 1200. 

NEC notebook is also supported by processors from Intel's new Centrino 2, which just launched on 6 August. Few reminded that the Intel Centrino 2, which offers better graphics and can also save on battery laptop.

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