HP Mininote 2133

From the look, we can see the seriousness of HP's first using a netbook. With aluminum material, Mininote 2133 looks so strong at a time fashion . Need more time to prove whether the great as physical appearance, but when we try to little rough, proved not occur in the permanent scratches the surface.

If you see the size keyboard, again we can see the seriousness HP. With the size of the keyboard is virtually the same (precisely 92%) if compared to the size of standard notebook keyboard, each key feels spacious for even your most fingers. We also found that each key feels soft when pressed, so that one is created that is very rare in this netbook.

Be, Mininote 2133 is the most comfortable netbook used for typing. The only one that is rather strange position of the button click left and right flank the touchpad, which is likely due to the lack of a place in the side of the touchpad.

From the facility, Mininote 2133 also appear owing to the existence of special Express Card expansion slot.The expansion of this facility is not available in other netbook, and can become important factors for which you want to add additional facilities such as TV Tuner or cellular modem. Other connectors are available in the netbook this is a USB (2) and SD-based card reader.

However, the most distinctive feature of this netbook is screen resolution of 1280x600 pixels, which reached. In other netbook, limited in number resolution 1024x600 pixels.
Higher resolution means that the broadcast of a broader perspective, and this excess apart when browsing the Internet or view photos. However, it should be noted that a resolution on the screen size of 8.9 "to make the text appear small, which may become a problem for the eyes that have ripen.

Unfortunately, HP chose to use a VIA C7M processor 1.2 GHz. From the test results visible, clearly visible processors have this performance under the Intel Celeron or Atom. Moreover, this netbook using the Windows Vista operating system (Basic Edition) is a popular weight.
For typing, browsing the Internet, or play movies from Youtube, Mininote 2133 can do so easily. However, when we open many windows, the limitations of VIA C7M be felt.

By design, the design of HP Mininote 2133 nearly perfect. Looks good, comfortable to use, and be supported by a comprehensive facilities. The weight slightly more weight than competitors, but we do not think that many objections to bring the device weighing 1.28 kg this.

What is more worthy of note are the limitations of the processor that can not be used for multitasking applications.However, if you are not including the weight class user applications, Mininote 2133 is a feasible option to chose.
Plus : Cool looking; vast size keyboard; comprehensive facilities.
Minus: less prime-processor performance.

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