Samsung X360; Anti Bacteria Notebook!

Not yet a month, Samsung launched X360 for the defiant the thinnest notebook , Macbook Air. Currently Samsung comes back by flowing X460, notebook with thin body. X460 was drafted with the specification that great, was not wrong if this notebook was claimed could replace the desktop position.

Samsung X460 was notebook with the measurement of the screen 14,1 inch that combine with Flat screen technology LED WXGA with resolution 1280 x 800 pixel. And the result... the power that was consumed even smaller. This technology also gave the level of the brightness 35% better, so as to be able to adapt the condition for the environment during in the open place that affected by the sun rays.

X460 drowned the Centrino processor 2, but the user was given by the option to replace with the other series. Supported also with the memory 4GB, harddisk 120GB until 320GB as well as the graphic card of GeForce 9200M GS that supported DirectX 10. Obligatory feature like WiFi and Bluetooth could be also met by us here. Following with Biometric Fingerprint to maintain the data in the computer always safe from delinquent.

The most unique feature from X460 was located in its anti bacteria keyboard, even Samsung claimed their 99% keyboard was free from the bacteria. Samsung invested the innovation that was acknowledged as Silver Nano Technology, so keyboard has been covered with the very small powder of the silver ion to make bacterium have difficulty breeding. The result was totaling 99.9% of the success bacteria set aside only in 24 hours.

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