Lenovo Sale Increase!

Lenovo Group, the manufacturer PC biggest to-four in the world, reported the increase in the sale of 17 percent for the last fiscal year, was pioneered by the strength of the PC sale in China and the other market. Totally the Lenovo value of the sale during the fiscal year that ended on March 31 was $16.4 billion by the clear profit reached $480 million.

As the standard, Lenovo entered the sale in a book as big as $14 billion and the clear profit $161 million in the fiscal year beforehand. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan entered 37% of the Lenovo sale, with the sale of the computer in a book increased of 27% compared with the year beforehand. Lenovo said that the program marketing the Olympics pushed the sale in China became higher.

The other area also entered the significant growth in a book. America, the second market biggest Lenovo entered 28% sale, with the increase in the sale of 13% in a book. Europe that represented 13% Lenovo sale also grew 23% whereas Asia that entered 13% sale in a book experienced the increase 18%.

Laptop boosted up the Lenovo sale by giving the contribution of 58%, but desktop also produced the solid achievement. The sale desktop Lenovo increased by 13% for the fiscal year, far more bigger than the increase in the whole market that only 4%, said Lenovo.

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