HP EliteBook 2730p, Thinnest Notebook

Hewlett Packard (HP) carried out the breakthrough with introduced notebook smallest and teringan with built-in optical drive. HP EliteBook 2730p, New HP notebook , could be counted notebook ultra-thin. The screen that could be turned made notebook this could be changed tampilan him from notebook PC that was ultra light became the based tablet the pen.

This last output product was some notebook ultra-portable that was claimed as that was most complete in it class. HP EliteBook 2730p had the weight only 1,7 kg. The screen could rotate so as to be able to be changed into the based tablet the pen with the thickness only 1,11 inch (28,2mm). Features brand new that was produced including touchpad that was integrated, the tablet buttons and one jog dial.

For the users who often carried out the trip, could use ultra-slender battery accessories optional that offered resistance till 15 use hours. The HP EliteBook 2730p also supported the solution docking ultra-slender and comfortable as well as was supplemented with DVD RW drive integrated. Notebook the series EliteBook this was ideal for businessman that often carried out the trip or often was apart from the office.

This series was supported with the latest Intel processor, solid-state hard drives and connection technology wireless LAN & 3G newest. The series Ultra-Light EliteBook from the HP equipped with Intel processor Core 2 Duo ultra-low-voltage (ULV) or low-voltage (LV) to support the increase in the quality of the performance of the system and battery resistance.

Two newest models of the HP EliteBook newest this served webcam 2 megapixel integrated that was optional with software business card reader, as well as the HPNightLight built-in with keyboard that could issue the light, so as really helped when being used in the dark place.

The series of the HP EliteBook also was equipped with hard drive that was shockproof and keyboard that was waterproof. The secret why notebook this kept the collision was his framework that have material HP magnesium DuraCase and was supplemented with the pattern of the bee house that was tied through the process of the heating with the aluminum anode to strong construction.

Notebook this also was equipped with features the security that strong, including the HP ProtectTools Security Manager and Drive Encryption for the HP ProtectTools, that did encoding information in hard drive became information that could not be read if at one time notebook was lost or was stolen.

To protect the data, feature File Sanitizer will remove permanently file-file, the folder as well as information that were personal from notebook without the worried feeling of personal information of vanishing. With the HP EliteBook 2530p, the HP EliteBook 2730p will be marketed in Asia-Pacific began mid- in September 2008.

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