Toshiba Satellite For S300-10J; Strong Laptop!

Toshiba on Friday (08/08/2008) launched laptop Toshiba Satellite For S300-10J that increased the row in the rank Satellite For. Laptop this was drafted as the solution to the high-quality computation that could be used for the person who worked at home and for the small company. Laptop Toshiba Satellite For S300-10j had connectivity like: Gigabit Ethernet LAN, Wireless LAN with 802.11b/g, Bluetooth 2,1 with EDR (Enhanced the Rate Data) and optional embedded 3G HSPA 7.2/2.02 Mbps the module.

The users of the business will get the benefit from the possibility log-ounce that was dual in laptop this: some feature from laptop this was to use the examination of the finger or fingerprint to enter the operation system but also used Wireless Log-ounce via Bluetooth for the fast method and was easy to access the system.

Laptop this had feature from the generation to four of Toshiba EasyGuard® technology3 that had a function of giving the protection for the jolt, the protection for hard the disk and keyboard that kept threw. Sleep and Charge USB port was used by the user to charge laptop like in mobile the cellular phone, MP3 players and PDA at the time of laptop in the situation died. Laptop Toshiba Satellite For S300-10J had feature in addition that is the existence webcam with the camera 1.3 Mpx.

Feature other in laptop this also was provided that is the existence software that could monitor the PC health, whichever monitored several achievements from the available element in CPU one of them that is monitoring the temperature laptop, the speed of the fan, consumption of electricity energy and battery resistance and informed about the health laptop. The last increase in laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro came with Core Intelligence 2 Duo as his processor. RAM could in upgraded up to 8 GB and the product laptop Toshiba Satellite Pro that just was supplemented with the ENERGY STAR® quality 4,0.

Laptop Toshiba Satellite For S300-10J for the time being was available in the Netherlands at the end of August. His price was sold around 649 euro.

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