Notebook Axioo Emerged with US$300

Opened the sheet this 2008, Axioo tried to consolidate their position as one of the producers notebook in Indonesia by introducing 4 series notebook newest. The supreme product that was given by this Zetta name was aimed from the businessman to the housewife. Zetta that has been present at Singapore this also will emerge in Vietnam, Thailand and several other developing countries. Stephen Lim, Managing Director from Axioo International, stressed their seriousness penetrate the Indonesian market because because his market was very promising. It was for that purpose his side continued to carry out the development strategy of the product, the education, but also the other co-operation program to consolidate the Axioo image. Globally, Axioo aim at could gain the market share around 5% on the end of this 2008.

Notebook Axioo newest that was introduced was divided into the TEN series for the segment of the foundation, TEC to mainstream, TLM to that was more serious and TSJ for them who were dynamic. Except the TSJ series, the three other new series emerged in colours in accordance with the appearance of his user. In general notebook this used the measuring screen 13,3 inch and was integrated with webcam and DVD dual.

In the opportunity simultaneously, Axioo also introduced laptop mini Classmate PC that used the processor of Celeron M900MHz and storage flash 2GB or harddisk 30GB. This laptop cheap costing US$ 300 with the screen 7 inch as in the case of Asus Eee that could be busy some time before. Laptop results of the co-operation were with this Intelligence aimed for the student and the student in Indonesia that needed the computation was equal notebook but with the price was covered.

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