IdeaPad S9 and S10

Lenovo, one of the big players in the laptop computer or notebook was gathered in the category netbook by launching IdeaPad S9 and S10. Netbook that was claimed super slender and super cute this was made function as PC accessories main that possibly was had by the user. Netbook was one category laptop just that give priority to slim the form and the function. Netbook was focussed on the use of the computation of the core like browsing and word processing. Netbook became the new star for the user who emphasized the level of the high mobility. This was caused by the design and the specification that were simple with the relative price was covered.

Be on the rise him the Netbook use could be seen from the height of the consumer's request to netbook all over the world. IDC forecasted the sale notebook with the ultra-low price all over the world will jump from 430,000 units during 2007 to 9.2 million during 2012. Lenovo was not left behind dismissed the version rank netbook they with the series of IdeaPad S9 and S10. This series enabled the user to carry out the activity of the simple computation as exploring the internet, the e-mail cheque, or with the application word-processing.

“Netbook IdeaPad was that was latest from a series of new product that was launched by Lenovo. This product was drafted specifically for the consumer all over the world and was developed by making use of the inheritance and our technical expertise of the technological innovation that have been proven the strength,” said Irene Santosa, Country Manager Transactional Business, Lenovo Indonesia as being calibrated in the release of their press. From the aspect of the specification, netbook Ideapad that was offered by Lenovo this had the measurement of the quite small screen (Netbook IdeaPad S9 with the screen 8,9 inch and IdeaPad S10 with the screen 10,2 inch). The design netbook this still was similar with netbook other generally that gave priority to the thin and light plan. Thickly around 2.54 cm and the weight 0,9kg, the Ideapad series could spoil the user that high mobility. Lenovo put forward three choices of the color in the series IdeaPad this: pink, pearl white, and the black color.

The measurement keyboard was compressed through to 80% of the measurement keyboard PC normally. This policy was taken to continue to maintain comfort in the everyday use. From the aspect of connectivity, Ideapad had the choice of the connection through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (optional), as well as one slot Express Card. Feature notebook the standard like webcam, USB port (two), as well as 4-in-1 card reader also integrated in Ideapad this. Netbook this was one of the series netbook that used the Atom Intelligence processor, the processor made by Intelligence that was drafted in the use of equipment mobile like UMPC and smartphone. Material of the storage media still used hard the disk as big as 120 GB as far as 160 of GB. Lenovo promised to issue Ideapad that used the storage media format with Solid State Driver Dari the department of the memory, this series offered the use of the memory to 1 of GB. System the operation that was soldered in this Ideapad series was Microsoft Windows XP. For the series that used the Linux operation system, will go out in the following series.

Feature unique available in the series IdeaPad this was Lenovo OneKey. Feature this helped the user who used Windows XP to return the data with one touch of the switch when the system mistake happening or the virus attack.

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