How To Treat Your Laptop?

The user laptop or notebook in Indonesia at this time already even more, together with increasingly achieve the price laptop in the market. Behind all that, still many people who often carried out the mistake in treated laptop him, so as laptop often fast broken. Through the simple article this time will be presented by various tips simple in treated and avoided laptop you from early damage. This will be useful in increasing the age laptop you.

  1. Don't download random software free from the internet. At first again for example software that as if as some antivirus. Used software-software that was obtained by you from the package laptop that was bought by you. The risk of the virus could damage inside laptop you if you at random used software from the internet. If you continue to want to used software results download, then confirmed already you scan software this with antivirus that was had by you.
  2. should not place laptop on the floor. When laptop you on the floor, then the risk laptop was stepped on foot the person, the child you, or the animal kept will be very big. The small child will think laptop you the toy and your kept animal could damaged certain parts of laptop. Moreover laptop that was placed on the floor will be fast dirty by dust.
  3. Stick to stabilizer electricity laptop you. If you were working in laptop by using electricity (without the battery), then better used stabilizer that could prevent the occurrence of the tension of electricity that was unstable to laptop you.
  4. don't place the object anything between keyboard and the screen laptop. Often the writer met someone that used laptop, afterwards placed papers above keyboard laptop, afterwards closed laptop him. This was very dangerous, because the risk of the screen was scratched became big. Definitely you did not want to replace the screen laptop just because of being scratched not?
  5. should not place laptop you to the too soft surface. For example laptop was placed by you to the very soft sofa, so as laptop to was seen rather sank in the sofa. This was very dangerous, because could hinder the hot issuing from inside laptop and made laptop you were hot.
  6. Big-hearted-heart when brought laptop you in the bag. Did don't use ordinary bag to bring laptop you. Use the bag that indeed was used to laptop so as other objects will not scratch certain parts in laptop.
  7. did not have drunk or eaten or placed the drink that contained the liquid around laptop. This really was dangerous, because laptop really was sensitive to the liquid that concerning laptop, for example the liquid that entered inside keyboard.
  8. Don't had tried to take apart laptop you yourself. This was the action that was really unwise. Laptop not like radio or fermented recorder normally. Many very insignificant parts that from his factory has been assembled by using the robot's precision. If being soiled by you, then laptop you could be broken serious. Brought always laptop that was broken to dealer or service center from laptop you.


* From various sources in the internet. This simple article concerning tips in treated laptop you. It is hoped was useful for You All.

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If you were working in laptop by using electricity, then better used stabilizer that could prevent the occurrence of the tension of electricity that was unstable to laptop you.

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