ASUS EPU: Equal With 17 Million Trees

Asus again issued a product that will become attention from the media and the user. It was EPU (Energy Processing Unit) that was buried in motherboard, a solution that was said environment-friendly because of could save energy enough. This technology gave the solution to energy to the opinion by doing the car power down when the computer was not being used, for example when you did not touch mouse or was not typing with keyboard, then the computer would automatic reduced the use of electricity for this operation. In fact this method was not so new, only with ASUS EPU this all will walk automatic without us must do setting beforehand.

One matter that became the lack motherboard had EPU was his price that was far more expensive than motherboard with spec same without EPU. For Example motherboard ASUS P5E3 Deluxe that put on bandrol US$390 and P5E with the price US$295, compared with motherboard ASUS that was other without EPU his difference could reach 30% as far as 50%. But indeed for the long-term EPU use indeed gave the solution to energy to the opinion, and of course prevented Global Warming. We just wait press conference him in the beginning of April 2008.

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