AMD Processor Reach Top Benchmark!

AMD occupied the highest position to VMware VMmark virtualization benchmark to x86 server with the HP ProLiant DL585 G5 that was based on the processor of AMD Opteron Quad-Core. According to benchmark VMmark 16-core, the AMD processor controlled 3 highest positions and proved the processor capacity of AMD Opteron Quad-Core as the solution visualization with the best achievement. Results benchmark this proved the processor of AMD Opteron Quad-Core was not only drafted with four core but provided the Rapid Virtualization Indexing innovation. Virtualiazation this was useful to produce the ideal platform to satisfy the requirement for the data center actual.

“AMD had track record astonishing in helping the company to face the challenge with more flexible, the system virtualization that answered main rumors including the consolidation server, the continuity of the business, and disaster recovery,” said Sales Director ASEAN Ryan Sim through his press release today (26/08). Rapid Virtualization Indexing technology (RVI) technology was designed to offer the best achievement from applications virtualisasi as well as enabled switching that was fast between virtual machines (VMs). Benchmark 1.1VMmark from VMware ascertained the achievement of the application in the environment virtualization in various burdens of the work of the proceeding company simultaneously in machines virtual that differed. Benchmark VMmark used SPECjbb2005 and SPECweb2005 from Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC).

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