Acer Reduced the Aspire One Price

Netbook currently increasingly just busy. After being pioneered the first time by Asus Eee, almost most PC producers like the HP, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, at once produced the similar product. Likewise with Acer that released notebook Aspire One.

Currently Acer even lowers the Aspire One price netbook so that could be covered by the pocket of the schooling child. Aspire One with Windows XP Home, the memory of RAM 1GB, hard the disk 120 GB, the battery 3-cell currently was marketed costing US$ 349,99.

In the meantime the model that with Linpus Linux was sold costing US$ 329. Acer also provided the Aspire One version that used the battery 6-cell, hard the disk drive 160 GB, with Windows XP Home with a value of US$ 399. All the versions netbook Aspire One consider with the Atom Intelligence processor and used the LCD screen the measurement 8,9 inch.

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