Lenovo Laptop for Small Business

A series of collection notebook newest was released by Lenovo to the Indonesian market. It was not half-hearted, their nine collections are at once released by Lenovo for the middle small businesses circle and the business generally. This series covered: R400, SL300, SL400, SL500, R500, T400, T500, X200 and W500. Today the use notebook in the world of the business was something that was natural. The demand of the mobility that was high in the business world made notebook became the important implement in expediting the work of the perpetrators of the business. With increasingly achieve the price all notebook, the industry notebook personally competed to provide the exact solution for the business circle to help their activity.

Lenovo, as one of the big players in the world notebook did not want to be left behind in providing the innovative solution for the perpetrators of the business. This July, Lenovo dismissed nine series notebook newest they who were focussed for the world of the business. Through the quality, the price that was covered, as well as the service that good enough, Lenovo gave the choice of the solution for small business through notebook

The series SL400 with the support of DVD Blu-Ray (optional),
as well as cover shiny black for the design was full style

The series of Thinkpad SL300, SL400, as well as SL500 was drafted to facilitate them that in the small business world middle. This series was present with feature like integrated mobile connection, the application of the data restore, and was supported by the service that was provided by Lenovo like the back up the data in an online manner and the guarantee service in the place by the name of Thinkplus Secure Bussiness.

Through feature and this service, Lenovo tried to facilitate the activity of the user's business through the use notebook Thinkpad this SL series. Six series the rest of them, R400, R500, T400, T500, X200 and W500 continued innovative technology from Lenovo that was pioneered by the series of Thinkpad X300. Technology like the Solid State Drive use (SSD) as the media storage as well as the support for DisplayPort.

For the series X200, Lenovo playing in the region notebook ultra-portable widescreen. Notebook this was continuation of the series of Thinkpad X61 mereka. The harmony between the achievement and portability became the Lenovo focus in the series X200 this by serving the dimension keyboard that was bigger, but with the more minor weight. Notebook ThinkPad SL400 and SL500 began USD $1,017 and USD $1,067.

Two series will immediately be available through Lenovo Business Partners at the end of July 2008. Notebook ThinkPad X200 it was estimated revolved USD $2,355 and will be available in September. Notebook other will be available from August with the price beginning with USD $1,379 for the model of ThinkPad R500 as well as USD $2.998 for the model of ThinkPad W500.

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